Time to Trim Your Whiskers?

Sit back in the barber's chair and relax for a moustache or beard trim in Loveland, CO

The difference between a magnificent beard and a shaggy mess is a professional barber. Get a beard any guy would be proud of by coming to Tommy's Barbers and Blades in Loveland, CO. For a full-bodied and prominent beard, ask for a straight-razor shave that's shaped to your specifications. Want to maintain a shorter beard? We can handle that, too.

Our barbers can use either a straight or safety razor, depending on your beard trim preference. Dial 970-617-2158 now to set up an appointment at our Loveland, CO barbershop.

Upgrade your shaving routine

Upgrade your shaving routine

Are you still leaning over your bathroom sink to shave with a disposable, plastic razor? Your face, head and beard deserve better. Come to Tommy's Barbers & Blades for a...

  • Full head, straight-razor shave
  • Hot lather razor removal of facial hair
  • Steam towel and cooling aftershave application

You can bring any beard trim service to the next level by requesting a razor line up. Browse our prices below now.