Just a Little Off the Top

Learn about exclusive monthly membership to the Bald Eagle Club

Just because your hair's growing a little thin these days doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the barbershop atmosphere. Come to Tommy's Barbers & Blades and join the Bald Eagle Club. This exclusive barbershop club is made up of men who are sporting a receding hairline.

Join the ranks of good-looking bald men. Vin Diesel, The Rock and Bruce Willis would (probably) be Bald Eagle members...if they only lived in Loveland, CO.

Enjoy fast service and exclusive discounts

Is your wife angry at you for leaving hair in the sink after you trim your edges? Put down the clippers and head over to Tommy's Barbers & Blades. Your monthly membership in The Bald Eagle Club includes:

  • Weekly buzz cuts
  • Edge touch-ups
  • Exclusive discounts on cutlery
  • Exclusive discounts on apparel
  • Exclusive discounts on other products


The Bald Eagle Club


Includes weekly buzz cut & edge clean-up, as well as 10% off apparel, cutlery, and other products